How to Make a Great Impression With a Green Company

Finding a job in today’s highly competitive employment market can be difficult. Job seekers must boast solid skills and serious job hunting savvy to find great positions. For job seekers who are focused on working with green companies, improving their overall application and interview savvy can be crucial to landing that dream job. Job seekers who want to work with companies that are dedicated to sustainability and green business practices should keep the following tips in mind when on the job hunt:

Apply Green

In the past, the job application process necessitated a huge consumption of paper products. From job applications to resumes to cover letters, everything was printed on paper. Thanks to handy job tools such as the PDF to Word Converter, today’s job seekers can go green when applying for positions. There’s no better place to start than with the job application itself.

When possible, applicants should download a copy of a company’s application form or request an electronic copy of the form from the company’s human resources department. Using a PDF editor or conversion tools, the job seeker can then fill out the application electronically and send it to the recruiter or hiring department. Remember that you must sign your applications electronically in order for them to be accepted by most companies.

It’s also a great idea to send your resume and cover letter as electronic attachments. You can send PDF files to be safe as almost all company computer systems can open PDF attachments. Sending these documents electronically is both green-friendly and preferred by many HR departments. Send follow-up notes via email in order to curb your use of stationery.

Interview Green

Job seekers who are dedicated to applying green should also focus on how to make the interview process a green-friendly affair. In some fields, job candidates will need to show a portfolio of work to prospective employers. Tech-savvy job seekers can create an online portfolio to cut down on the use of paper and other products. If job seekers must carry the hardcopy of a portfolio, they should be sure to explain to prospective employers that they would like the portfolio returned after the interview process so that it can be recycled or reused.

It’s also important for green job seekers to understand the sustainability efforts of companies with which they are applying. A little knowledge about a company goes a long way in an interview. Job candidates should be sure to fully review a company’s green business policy and to bring up their interest in this particular aspect of the business during an interview.

Applying for a job with a green company can be an exciting experience for job seekers who aspire to live in an environmentally conscience fashion. When applying for such jobs, candidates should be sure to keep the green ethos in mind. Using PDF to Work converter tools and PDF editors is a great way for a job candidate to show off his or her green savvy during the application and interview process.

Article by Amanda Green, a guest blogger that has written extensively on the subject of technology and business.

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