Best Places to Learn About Energy Efficiency

Companies often email me asking for good sources of information about the energy efficiency business. These emails are coming more and more frequently as this industry continues to grow.

Many of the emails come from newcomers trying to break into the field with a new product or service. They include information technology companies, engineers, manufacturers, mom & pops, insurance firms, consultants, educators, students, conference planners, builders, solar installers, architects, researchers and the like.

So this blog is for them. Here is a listing of some of the sites that I frequent as I track the energy efficiency industry for the Energy Efficiency Markets blog. I can’t fit all here that I read, and I know I’m forgetting some important ones. My apologies in advance! If you spot any you would include, please add them in the comments section.

    • The Alliance to Save Energy: Advocates in Washington, D.C. on behalf of energy efficiency, but international in scope. Papers, conferences, free newsletter.

    • Consortium of Energy Efficiency: Information for energy efficiency program administrators in the US and Canada. Produces an annual report on the state of the efficiency program industry.

    • ASHRAE: Advocates on behalf of the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry with an emphasis on sustainability. Provides information on standards, research, technology, education, certification and government policy and regulation.

    • US Green Building Council: Developer of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, rating system for buildings.

    • US Clean Heat & Power Association: Advocate for combined heat and power and waste heat recovery in Washington, DC. Offers conferences, policy and market information and education.

    • Energy Star: A joint program of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Manages the Energy Star labeling program for appliances and other products.

  • Several state and regional organizations also provide good information: the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council, Environment Northeast, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, Texas is Hot and several others.

    Elisa Wood is a long-time energy writer whose work appears in many of the industry’s top magazines and newsletters. She is publisher of the Energy Efficiency Markets podcast and newsletter.

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