Ford C-Max: The New King of Hybrids?

An edgy, compact combination of crossover, hatchback and minivan, the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid is a fun and frugal means of transportation. The Ford franchise, dealerships and consumers in the U.S. excitedly watched as the unique car entered the hybrid world, wowing users with its high fuel economy, sleek design, catchy campaign and competitive price.

But it will take more than affordable eye candy to win eco-friendly Americans over. Fuel efficiency, space, comfort and quality are what drivers are looking for in their next hybrid. Environmentally-friendly and fun, the Ford C-Max Hybrid just might dethrone the hybrid-God, Toyota Prius. What do you think?

It’s Fun

Driving a C-Max is comparable to riding a roller coaster or piloting an ultra-light aircraft, according to Mark Kennedy on The expansive windshield contributes mainly to those sensations, but there are several reasons operating the Ford hybrid can be fun. For example, if your hands are full, just lightly tap under the back of the car with your foot and the hatchback will open, letting you load your things.

The well-equipped, five-passenger car, depending on the model and your option cluster selection, has a 10-way power driver’s seat, dual-zone climate controls, a rear-view camera, navigation system and push-button start. It is convenient, clean and fun.

It’s Fast

Boasting 188 horsepower, the C-Max trumps the Prius v’s 134 horsepower. The zippy car’s hybrid system “combines a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine with an electric motor through a computer-controlled, continuously-variable transmission,” according to Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield on

Unlike manual and automatic transmissions, a continuously-variable transmission doesn’t have a set number of gears. For first-time CVT drivers, this provides a unique experience.

Reviews report that the C-Max can launch 0-60 mph in about 8.1 seconds, but that the car really shines in its mid-range acceleration. The ease of speed between 40 and 60 mph is when the car impresses users, leaving them without fear when passing a semi or accelerating after a red light.

It’s Frugal

Starting at $25,200, the C-Max is an affordable hybrid purchase. Up against its competition, the C-Max wins again. Toyota’s wagon model, the Prius v, starts at $26,550. Interested in a full-loaded model? Join others in learning about the Ford hybrid at the annual Motor Trend Auto Show in Phoenix. Held Nov. 22-25, Chapman Ford will join other dealers around Arizona to tell consumers why the C-Max is the next best thing in the hybrid department.

It’s Fuel Efficient

Getting 47 mpg on the highway and in the city, the C-Max has a high fuel economy. Lagging slightly behind, the Prius v gets 40 mpg. Not only is the American-made hybrid great on gas, but the even transition leaves drivers confident and carefree.

“The switch from electric to gas engine power is exceptionally smooth and almost imperceptible,” said Mark Kennedy on

It’s Eco-Friendly

While it’s good news, it’s not new news that hybrids are better for the environment than conventional cars. Using more than one source of power to move around, hybrids generally get better gas mileage and produce lower emissions than the average car. Before buying a C-Max or any hybrid vehicle, research policies in your area to see if local governments offer special exemptions for hybrids, such as HOV driving privileges or preferred parking. The price, impact on the earth and potential fun make the C-Max a friendly option.

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