Renewable Energy – A Fad?

Needless to say, all of us here in the U.S. are glad that the 2012 election is behind us and that we no longer have to deal with the incredible level of rancor and lies that were embodied in the campaigns. And if you’re asking why I would want to dredge any of that up again, I don’t have a good answer. Having said that, I thought I’d comment on the Romney campaign’s claim to the effect that renewable energy was a “fad.”

Obviously, the ultimate destiny of clean energy is an unknown at this point; its ultimate resolution lies in the future – perhaps the distant future. But I propose an open-ended question to the citizens of the world: How likely do you think it may be that our current course with respect to the consumption of resources – fossil fuels in particular – is sustainable, as Romney and his people claimed? Is it really credible that our planet’s wish to migrate to an energy course that isn’t poisoning us is a “fad?” I hate all stupid campaign rhetoric, but that struck me as particularly outrageous.

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