Examining the Consumer Value Proposition for Electric Vehicles

Here’s a piece of idiotic reporting on electric vehicles that I thought I’d share. Apparently, a survey shows that current EV customers are quite happy with their purchase, but a large number of non-EV drivers (the report doesn’t quantify this) don’t like the concept, insofar as it’s expensive and inconvenient.

I’m not sure we need a survey to reveal that people don’t like expense and inconvenience, nor a news article notifying us of the fact.

Every major car company has an EV program in place. Why? They see the obvious trends here: falling prices, better range, and more charging stations = improved customer value proposition. Gradual but steady elimination of coal-fired power plants and more wind power = improved environmental characteristics. Ever-expanding EV installed base = more word of mouth.

We’ll get there.

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Hopefully by the time electric cars will spread more and more

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