Happy World Water Day!

All across the globe, communities are celebrating International World Water Day and according the UN’s World Water Day website, over 450 events have been planned this year!

This year’s theme is in part a reflection of the International Year of Water Cooperation. The day is also dedicated to the theme of cooperation that is emphasized concerning using water as a resource. Not only is the environment heavily dependent on water, but as a basic human need, good management of water sources is crucial to our own livelihood.

In correlation with this environmental holiday, we are encouraged to promote water cooperation and do our part in protecting one of Earth’s most valuable resources as this year marks the 10th anniversary of the celebration that was recommended during the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development. So in celebration of today, we are urging our readers to limit your water use!

One suggestion comes from Bathshop321 who challenge us to save water in the bathroom.

Bathshop321 conducted various surveys to better understand our own water usage. Out of over 500 people surveyed, 85% preferred showering as opposed to taking a bath. Out of those who showered, 50% of the participants take longer than 5 minutes (with some even taking 20 minutes or more!) The amount of water used for these activities can be dramatically reduced by simply taking shorter showers and running shallower baths.

Bathshop321 concludes from their 2013 Water Usage Survey that while people are being relatively water conscious when it comes to showering and bathing at home, more can be done.

Here is a list of some water-saving tips:

Tip 1: Reduce flushes. 2/3 of water consumption in a home occurs in the bathroom. This amount can be reduced if you stop flushing other wastes down the toilet.

Tip 2: Fix leaky pipes. Rubber washers should do the trick when stopping those annoying drips.

Tip 3: Turn off the tap. Nearly 6 liters of water can be wasted each minute you leave it on while brushing your teeth.

Tip 4: Install a dual-flush toilet. Each year, nearly 8,000 liters of water can be wasted per toilet. Upgrade to a modern toilet or retrofit a dual-flush siphon to reduce wastage.

You can find more bathroom water-saving tips at Bathshop321.

Article by Allison Winter, appearing courtesy Environmental News Network.

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