Blue I Water Technologies Expanding Global Operations in China

China’s Guangdong Province water company is currently in the process of installing 75 water analyzing and control units supplied by global water quality control systems provider Blue I Water Technologies, BlueI informed Israel NewTech. The units will accurately measure a range of parameters for municipal potable water, to ensure drinking water quality and disinfection. The contract to provide Blue I’s HydroGuard HG 702 analyzers won a competitive tender in which the company competed with other international industry players.

Jacob Azran, CEO of Blue I Water Technologies: “The company’s three-year strategic plan included expanding its presence in China, South America, and India, and Blue I is driving its sales, marketing, and R&D efforts towards these markets accordingly. We are now looking forward to the second half of this year, when Blue I intends to launch new technologies that will enhance our competitiveness in these markets.”

Blue I Water Technology’s presence in China has increased substantially following its break into the regional market in 2008, when it was chosen exclusively to provide water quality control systems for the main Beijing Olympic swimming pools as well as other Beijing stadiums at the time. Expo 2010 Shanghai China also installed 30 of Blue I’s units, ensuring high-quality drinking water. Now, Beijing’s water company has signed an agreement to install Blue I’s HG 702 system to provide water quality monitoring for municipal drinking water.

As a provider of advanced and cost-efficient water analysis and control solutions, Blue I Water Technologies has been able to expand global operations with the backing of a recent $3 million strategic investment from Effi Capital group. “We have invested a lot in technology development over the past few years and are excited to be accelerating expansion in designated market segments in China and other countries,” says Azran. “We have introduced high-precision analyzers for municipal drinking water systems and industrial uses of water such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production. Blue I has also developed highly sensitive quality analysis and control systems that provide accurate measurements in sea water and colored water, as well as PRIZMA, the most advanced water monitoring and controlling system in the swimming pools market segment.”

Blue I Water Technologies was established in 2003 in Israel, with the development of a number of unique technologies for water quality monitoring and treatment. BlueI clients include international industry leaders such as Coca Cola, Yoplait, Total Offshore, Euro Disney, the Olympic swimming pool in Beijing, BAZAN Oil Refineries Ltd., and Israel Electric Corp.

Article appearing courtesy Israel NewTech.

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