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Solar for Affordable Housing in CA is Good – More is Better

With spring in full swing, things are looking mighty sunny in Sacramento! California lawmakers are considering a number of solar-friendly policies this year — first out of the gate is AB 217, a bill that will help more low-income Californians go solar. We’re working with our friends at Grid Alternatives to support the bill – we hope you will too!

Over the past 5 years, California’s MASH and SASH – two programs dedicated to putting solar on affordable housing – have proven hugely successful in delivering utility bill savings and solar job opportunities to disadvantaged communities. But funding for these rebates is nearly exhausted. AB 217 will provide more funding for the programs – and ensure that the benefits of solar continue to reach low-income families that need them most.

AB 217 only works when it’s coupled with California’s important net metering policy, which allows solar customers to get fair credit for the clean energy they produce. The solar rebate helps remove upfront cost barriers, while net metering reduces monthly energy bills – which all adds up to a much-needed money-saver for Californians struggling to make ends meet. All the more reason to ALSO make sure Californians of all kinds continue to to have access to a fair net metering program.

AB 217 was successfully voted out of its first committee and is headed for a full Assembly vote. If you live in California, now’s the time to voice your support for continued low-income solar access! We’ve made it easy here.

Vote Solar is a non-profit grassroots organization working to fight climate change and foster economic opportunity by bringing solar energy into the mainstream.

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One comment on “Solar for Affordable Housing in CA is Good – More is Better

I love this post. It fits right in with a post I made about if the government added a renewable energy mandate for all new building and house constructions in the united states. I wish every state was like california (or taken to a federal level)

Its worth a read if you’d like to see it – Why the governement should mandate clean renewable energy

The idea could change the renewable energy industry and our enviroment faster than any idea i’ve seen to date.

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