New App From SAP Reinvents Carpooling and Reduces Emissions

When we were kids, carpooling was a fact of life. Whether it was piling a bunch of kids into the mini-van or station wagon after school or going to little league practice, it seemed like carpooling made sense. Parents shared responsibility with other parents and took turns from time to time. Kids could continue their playground antics a little while longer. At some point, we all grew up and today carpooling to work or school seems like an afterthought.

When creative people get together and create new ways to facilitate carpooling and they are backed by a large sophisticated company like SAP, the end result is a new app called TwoGo. The developers created this mobile, cloud-based app in their spare time and entered it into SAP’s innovation challenges and won. As a result, SAP deployed the app at several sites worldwide beginning in 2011.

Since deployment, SAP has registered 8,500 employees who have matched 36,600 rides and avoided driving 400,000 miles. The deployment of the cloud based carpooling app also resulted in 88 tons of avoided carbon emissions. The TwoGo app also increased networking time across the company’s various functional teams by 2,200 person days and created value estimated at $5 million from reduced fuel costs and maintenance.

The TwoGo app is immediately usable, can sync with your calendar, and can be used on both iPhone and Android platforms. Corporate social responsibility managers should take note. This should be one part of your sustainable business strategy.

Walter Wang is Managing Editor of CleanTechies. Follow Walter on Twitter: @energytaxprof

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