Bill McKibben’s Fossil Fuel Divestment – A Skyrocketing Success

As described here, legendary environmentalist Bill McKibben’s suggestion that folks sell their holdings in fossil fuel companies has been accepted by a gathering wave of universities, churches and synagogues, city governments and pension funds. According to the article, “In the last few months, fossil fuel divestment has turned into one of the fastest-growing protest campaigns in recent American history – and it’s already reached all the way to Australia, where portions of the Uniting Church have announced they’ll sell their fossil fuel stock as well.”

When he died, my father left me stock in ExxonMobil that I sold at $84 some time back; it’s at about $91 today. Could I have used a few extra bucks? Yep. But am I happy to be out of the oil business? Without a doubt.

Here’s a good idea: take Bill’s advice; pick up the phone and tell ‘em: sell it all.

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One comment on “Bill McKibben’s Fossil Fuel Divestment – A Skyrocketing Success

I would like to recommend three new nonfiction books that do a good job of convincing skeptics that we need to cut back now and begin the conversion needed to avoid collapse, but your spam blocking won’t allow the listing. See authors Brian Czech, Dietz and O’Neill, and Richard Heinberg.

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