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E-Scooters On the Rise

I had a terrific Skype call this morning with a fabulous Munich-based company: Govecs, a purveyor of extremely high-end German-engineered electric scooters. I hope to get a marketing and PR gig with them, but I have to admit that they’re doing an awful lot of stuff right in my absence; for example, they have more content online than you can shake a stick at, and, IMO, it conveys the right blend of quality and sex appeal. Here are a few zillion vids on YouTube. Very well done.

I expect this whole market arena to boom over the coming years, insofar as a great number of factors contributing to demand are on this rise: eco-consciousness, congestion, fuel prices, parking issues, and consumer incentives. And again, let’s not neglect the sex appeal aspect. I’m not sure I know anyone under the age of 75 who doesn’t want to be a part of this scene.