Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Electric vehicles will catch on when there are enough charging stations to make their widespread use really practical, and manufacturers will offer more EV’s for sale when there is a market for them! I love driving my Tesla Model S, but have to admit that for some overnight trips I take an older internal combustion engine powered car since it is still hard to find a hotel with a charging station that I can plug in to for a battery top-off. So which comes first, more electric cars, or more charging stations?

There has been a massive increase in the number of electric vehicles and complimentary products released into the marketplace over the last few weeks. There is now growing suspicion that a number of EV manufacturers, and electric car charging companies, have been holding back products and services until they deemed the market was open to new ideas and new products.

This may seem a little bizarre when you consider that the EV businesses will want to see as quick a return as possible or on their investments but every day now we see new products and new services being released.

While the Tesla Model S certainly caught the headlines when released earlier this year we have also seen BMW introduce its first mainstream electric vehicle, Chevrolet looks to reduce the headline cost of its vehicles and earlier this week we saw the introduction of a foldaway electric car. At this moment in time there is a constant flurry of new innovations and new products to the marketplace and while they are catching the headlines today we can only hope the industry does not run out of steam.

In reality many of these products and services have been awaiting the right time and the right place to launch and when you bear in mind the major media coverage afforded the electric vehicle market at the moment, today most certainly is the right time!

Quote from ElectricForum.com : “While the vast majority of automobile manufacturers have some kind of presence in the EV market do you think there are any big names missing?”

Interestingly, despite the fact that the electric vehicle industry is yet to crack the mass-market, we have already seen competition with regards to the headline cost of vehicles. We’ve also seen a significant reduction in leasing costs which is helping to put more electric vehicles on the road which in themselves are promoting the industry going forward.

Article by Roger Greenway, appearing courtesy Environmental News Network.

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