Are Most Americans Unaware that Electric Vehicles Exist?

Here’s an article on electric vehicles that suggests that three-quarters of new car shoppers are unaware that EVs even exist. I’m somewhat surprised by that, and I wonder if the questions weren’t worded improperly or the sample isn’t somehow skewed.

I’m reminded of my interview with Dr. Michael Kearl, Professor of Sociology at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, that I conducted for the chapter on the “sociology of driving” in my first book, “Renewable Energy — Facts and Fantasies.” He made it clear that different regions of the country have vastly different viewpoints on driving. He said that, according to his observation, there is very little change in “social consciousness” toward the consumption of gasoline, but he was quick to qualify his remark. “You DO realize that I’m in Texas, don’t you?” he asked. His point was that he’s from the Big Oil and death penalty capital of the world, and there are probably other places that are more likely to spawn a revolution in social enlightenment.

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