European Union Could Agree to 45 Percent Cuts in Emissions by 2030

We have recently seen that the European Union is already close to its climate goals, to cut its greenhouse gases emissions by 20 percent by 2020 (compared to 1990 levels). In 2012, emissions were already 18 percent lower than in 1990.

This is perhaps why a majority of European Parliament members (MEPs) have called for increased action and 30 percent cuts by 2020.

Currently, the European institutions are preparing both for the 2015 Climate conference that will take place in Paris, France, as well as the future of its climate plans.

The United Kingdom is already calling for the European Union to halve its emissions by 2030. A recent study from the WWF has stated that such a target is within reach.

All this perhaps explains why according to RTCC, the European Union could agree to 45 percent cuts by 2030.

To some analysts, the European Union has not conducted any analysis on how it could reduce its emissions by more than 45 percent by 2030.

A MEP representing the European Green Party – Bas Eickhout – has said that this lack of ambition could be explained by a failure to calculate the potential of both renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The 2020 strategy will be further reviewed in January. Let’s hope these targets will be set higher and that the 2030 plans will be ambitious. It is high time for the European Union to take the lead again on climate change as the threat is even clearer according to the most recent IPCC report.

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