Best Places for Post Grad Cleantech Education

Post grad work in the field of cleantech education has widened in the past few years. While still a niche program, universities are catching on to the importance and need for higher education within the field. Currently, according to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, many institutions are making significant efforts towards providing affordable options for students. In 2012, six institutions cut tuition and fees, and 4 institutions offered accelerated programs.

With so many choices, it is important to consider how each can advance your career. Chances are, you have been out in the field and possess unique skills that will make you a catch when compared to freshly minted graduates. Check out the programs below to narrow down your choices.

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

This highly specialized Master’s program offers you more than just beautiful Southern California weather. Focused on providing you with experiences that mold your understanding of product life cycles from origin, Viterbi gives you the opportunity to design products that promote sustainability.

Colorado State University: Green Initiatives

Colorado State prides itself on being a leader in green education and engineering. With the Center for Agricultural Energy, Collaborative Conservation, and Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes, a few of the multitude of options available, CSU is well established in the field of green technology. In fact, CSU has been credited as the first school to offer courses on biofuels in the country and researchers are even developing biofuels from algae. Choosing CSU will place you amongst pioneers in cutting edge research.

College Online

If working from home and keeping your current position are something you value, there are a veritable panacea of excellent options available for college online. For example, Alliant International University offers you the opportunity to get an MBA with a focus on becoming a leader in a changing world. Interdisciplinary in nature, this 24 month program focuses on foundations of Sustainability, Shifting Mindsets and the Strategy of Sustainability and Professional Practice. Pairing business, sustainability and online education is definitely a smart move for 2014.

NYIT: New York Institute of Technology

Studying in the hustle and bustle of NYC provides an excellent stomping ground for future employment, along with a top of the line Masters of Science in Environmental Technology from one of the world’s leading technology institutions. NYIT offers small classes taught by professionals in the field and emphasizes hands-on learning. Additionally, NYIT recognizes busy work schedules of working professionals and accommodates them by offering both evening and online classes.

Western Kentucky University

WKU is directly connected with the Hoffman Environmental Research Institute and focuses on providing technical expertise and critical thinking skills in the environmental discipline. The institute offers an MS in Geoscience that can lead to doctorate work in the field of sustainability. The program is different from others in that it takes a holistic approach to the field of sustainability and develops an understanding of human and physical aspects of space, place and environment.

Article by Sabrina Barnett.

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