The Choice App: Shopping for Eco-Friendly, Natural & Cruelty Free Products Made Simple

It has the ability to create profound and lasting health, economic and environmental benefits. But more immediately, Dory Kurowski hopes that her “Choice” app will help simplify the shopping experience for any consumer wanting to buy the best eco-friendly, cruelty-free and all-natural products available in stores today.

Currently in the prototype stage, Kurowski is raising awareness about the Choice  app and collaborating to bring it to market via an Indiegogo funding campaign running through March 15th.

Essentially the app is a companion shopping tool that allows you to make quick decisions, along with more informed product choices after simply scanning a product’s bar code. Once you scan a product item, the best sustainable alternative to purchase is fed back to you immediately, along with a quick, bulleted list of reasons the product is better for you, animals and/or the planet.

Kurowski specifically designed the app to help shoppers fill the gap between wanting to purchase sustainable products and having a quick means of reference to do so (one that cuts through ‘green washing’, false claims and poor product reviews). Allowing people to easily identify eco-friendly products, which have been independently chosen based on research and real world testing – not on compensation – also has the benefit of creating more mindful, conscientious buying experiences.

“The funding from this campaign will go towards making the app, currently in prototype stage, live and ready for download: this includes making the app fully populated with alternatives already held in a proprietary database, associating all product images with bar code information via a third party referral service, incorporating a “Companies with a Conscience” and “Affiliates” section for referencing the best sustainable brands and service or retail providers, and finalizing any additional design, coding and programming so the app is ready for download by iOS mobile devices.”

Kurowski is the Founder of My Conscience, My Choice, a brand-to-brand comparison awareness website that provides consumers with healthier, research based and real world tested sustainable options to make conscience-driven purchases. Specifically, the best performing cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and natural personal care, household, cosmetic and food products are featured and recommended for purchase in lieu of a similar, commonly purchased product that is less sustainable.

“The ‘My Conscience, My Choice’ website and Choice app are based on the idea that if given a choice the average consumer wants to make purchases with a good conscience. It is also based on the idea that the average consumer likes their purchasing experience to be quick and easy.”

The campaign ends March 15th & less than 2 weeks means every dollar counts!

Help grow the community of conscious-minded consumers with the ”Choice” app. Donate here:

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