Solar Panels Could Beam Power From Space Down to Earth

Researchers from the U.S. military are developing technology that would harvest solar energy in space and beam it down to Earth, according to the Naval Research Laboratory. Although the concept seems futuristic, the Navy is currently testing two prototype designs, both of which combine solar panels with electronic components that convert the energy to radio waves and transmit it to Earth.

Eventually, engineers plan to use robotic vehicles to transport the panels to space and assemble them into a 1-kilometer wide satellite orbiting the planet. Theoretically, harvesting solar energy in space is more efficient than on Earth, because panels can collect sunlight around the clock and regardless of weather conditions.

The U.S. military, currently the world’s largest oil consumer, is eager to develop the technology to save money on fuel and simplify military deployments. But the private sector also has plans for the technology: California utility company Pacific Gas & Electric plans to buy space solar power from Solaren within the next two years, and a Japanese company recently announced plans to build a 11,000-mile solar strip around the moon to capture solar energy.

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Charles E. Campbell

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) has a US Patent # 8,400,007 B2 entitled “Hydroelectricity Power System” issued on March 19, 2013 for an new and innovative Hydro Power Plant that’s designed inside a 70-Stroy Building and does not require a river or lake.

This climate change solution offers a safer, cleaner, cheaper and faster energy solution than fossil fuels or other renewable energy alternative. The Obama Administration chose to fund Solyndra Solar $535 Million Dollar “Pay To Play” disaster and denied AHEC’s $2 million stimulus grant. They continue to refuse all efforts to engage or discuss this innovation. We suspect that Pay To Play still is their strategy for dealing with innovation, where the best ideas will only rise to the top, if they are supported by envelops of cash through lobbyist offering campaign contributions.

The climate change industry also continues to ignore our innovation. The FBI and NSA should get out of the business of helping the Administration protect oil and gas industry billionaires and let the free market decide the best ideas. CoIntelPro Activities under the Obama Administration’s Justice Department have no place interfering with startups that could disrupt the business model of their campaign contributors. The American People demand a fair, moral and ethical government. Maybe the next administration will be such a government, but I have little hope for change or that things will move forward as long as politicians lack the moral courage to represent all the people, instead of just rich and wealthy.

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