Affordable TurboCord Makes Charging Electric Cars Easy

A key driver for rapid adoption of electric cars is that the fuel infrastructure already exists. It’s simple: find nearest outlet, plug in, charge up, go. In reality, electric car buyers are often spending thousands of dollars installing dedicated electric car charging stations at their homes. Now, this may become as outdated as EV lovers believe gas cars should be.

In response to garage tinkerers who began modifying the 110-volt (Level 1) charge cords that come with electric cars so they could be plugged into standard 220-volt electric clothes-dryer outlets, AeroVironment introduced the TurboCord. It’s the same concept, only certified for sale, meeting all legal safety requirements and, according to the company, up to three times faster than the standard Level 1 charging cord.

And unlike a hard-wired (Level 2 EVSE) charger, the TurboCord compares well on price at $599, with no installation charge – unless you need to add a 220 volt outlet. That’s about the same as an replacement 110-volt charge cord costs for a Chevy Volt. For an extra $50, you can also get the TurboCord Dual, which has an adapter for 110-volt outlets. That way, you can take advantage of the fastest available charging whenever the opportunity presents itself.

TurboCord is 20 feet long and charges at up to 20 amps. So while it can’t take advantage of the really fast on-board chargers on cars such as the Ford Focus Electric or the Nissan Leaf SV or SL, it is in fact faster than some hard-wired EVSEs. Take a look at the video below to learn more about this product.

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