Overturning Citizens United: It’s Happening Before Our Eyes

What a magnificent time to be alive.  Last night, the Senate here in the United States did something great: they voted 79-18 to advance a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, meaning that every single senator will be forced to say—on the record—whether or not they think money and speech are the same thing.

Obviously, that’s very good news for anyone who cares about anything except promoting the interests of billionaires.  You and I may follow energy more closely than other admittedly important issues: gun control, healthcare, cutbacks into the military-industrial complex, etc.  But Citizens United is the kiss of death for any idea that flouts the special interests that dominate these arenas, or any others.

80 percent of all Americans—even 72 percent of Republicans—oppose Citizens United. A full vote is expected Thursday.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be running for re-election with four-fifths of my constituents knowing that I had nothing but utter contempt for them and their beliefs on this pivotal issue.  I’m not a political consultant, but that sure doesn’t sound like the makings of a successful campaign.

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