Ten Strands Celebrates Environmental Education Night

Future360.tv attended the David Brower Center for Sustainability in Berkeley California to celebrate Ten Strands’ first environmental education night. The event brought together educators and advocates to celebrate the contribution made by non-profit organization, Ten Strands, to the field of environmental education.

Ten Strands was established with the vision of a new and distinct public/private partnership to deliver capacity-building resources to individuals and entities responsible for implementing and improving environmental education in K–12 schools. Ten Strands has cultivated an exceptional range of relationships and professional expertise in order to manifest this vision.

Their vision is a world in which everyone actively understands the interrelatedness of people and place, where all students have access to high-quality education with an environmental component, and where all people have the knowledge, awareness, and ability to make decisions that promote a healthy environment.

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When the event is going to happen and on what issues the event is going to educate the students.

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