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Green Trends in Housekeeping

Eco-friendly housekeeping is essential in keeping away various health threats in your household. In her blog in Hubpages, Patty Inglish indicated that sustainable housekeeping presents a growing trend in the 21st century.

You may find it difficult to combine sustainability and efficient housekeeping practices sometimes. Just how do you find ways to make life healthier for your entire family? Fret no more. You’ll find that a sustainable home is just actually around the corner for any resourceful individual.

Reuse Cleaning Materials


Reusable green housekeeping materials make wonderful alternatives to disposable ones. Use sponges, rags, and mops in cleaning off the dirt in your furniture and floors. These reusable materials clean as good as the disposable ones.

Avoid using disposable paper towels to help save trees. Nature’s assets are fast becoming extinct. You need to make a contribution in helping save the beauty nature has to offer. Nature-friendly cleaning tips contribute to the overall sustainability in the environment you live in.

Source out Plant-Based Dishwashing Liquid

Put your garden ideas to good use. You may want to consider plants in your garden as a good source of an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid. Plant-based dishwashing liquid does not contain phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum distillates. It is particularly helpful to use around at home to have safer utensils for use during meals. This dishwashing liquid originates from sustainable palm-oil farms. The use of lemons or oranges can help you deal with the most house cleaning troubles.

Electrolyze Water for Cleaning

Partner electrolyzed cleaning water to make an energy-efficient home complete. Eliminate the harmful effects of excessive salt in your cleaning water. You purify your water sustainably by conducting electrolysis.

Electrolyzed water contains a grease cleaner and sanitizer. Because of this, it cleans wonderfully, just like its non-electrolyzed counterpart. Invest in electrolyzing water equipment. You’ll be more than happy to see the positive results of doing so in the long run.

Floor-Cleaning Machines Conserve Water


Conserving water is closely tied to a sustainable lifestyle. Instead of using floor scrubbers, use floor-cleaning machines to conserve water. Learn the ropes of using this sustainable cleaning tool; that shouldn’t be so difficult.

A 100-gallon floor scrubber uses up to 300 water gallons, and a corresponding amount of detergent. Some floor-cleaning machines have a very low dispensing component that eliminates water usage by 70%. These machines enable you to put extra water or detergent in spill areas only. Most of the time, you can clean with little use of water and detergent if you use this equipment.

Nature-Friendly Vaporized Cleaning Water

vaporized water

Don’t disregard the unconventional green trends in cleaning your house. Heating water in commercial-grade vapor systems may slow things down. It may take you a few hours before you can complete the vaporizing process, but it makes it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas thoroughly. Use this to clean the corners near your door and other large furniture. The vaporized system filters soil in the water you’re going to use for cleaning.

Prepare Your Own Cleaning Solution

cleaning solution

Don’t hesitate to try out a DIY green home cleaning solution. Prepare your own instead of using clorox and other harsh chemical-based cleaners. Mix baking soda with vinegar to create your eco-friendly home-made solution. Now, you won’t have to worry about coffee stains in your couch. Acidity produced from baking soda and vinegar works out great in getting rid of stains.

Let Plants Clean Indoor Air


Enjoy cleaner indoor air the natural way by putting plants inside your home. Annie Bond has found that plants can expertly minimize indoor air pollution, as she wrote in her article in Care2.
You won’t have to be concerned in finding ways to avoid air pollution indoor once you’ve got plants around. They do their job excellently by producing plenty of sustainable oxygen in your home, too. Healthy air quality lets you avoid colds, coughs, headaches, and breathing problems.

Knowing the basics on how to maintain sustainability in your home may be something new to you. However, accomplishing it is easier than you think. Don’t go with the flow when you get into the green trends of housekeeping. Get involved for the sake of safekeeping the future generation on earth.

Take part in combating the damages on mother earth. Be aware of the problems that are crippling your environment before it’s too late.

Article by Aby League, an Elite Daily writer. She writes about health, housekeeping, technology and others. Follow her @abyleague.

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