The Eiffel Tower stays bronze, goes green

Eric Hopton for – Your Universe Online For the beautiful “Iron Lady” of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, this year’s fashion color of choice is green, metaphorically speaking that is. In order to reduce her carbon footprint, this elegant lady has had an eco-green makeover, complete with matching accessories in the form of two super-efficient VisionAIR5…

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The first floor includes a 130 seat conference venue with full catering, several
Buffets, a 200 seat restaurant, a souvenir shop and exhibits about the
history of the tower, open for 14hrs/day, with ~ 19,000 visitors / day.

VisionAIR5 Turbine Max Generator UL Rated = 3.2 kW Average output = 2.5 kW (that’s less than a kettle + a microwave)

They claim “the 2 turbines are capable of delivering 10,000kWh of electricity annually” – BUT –

The Eiffel Tower consumes 7.8 million kWh of electricity per year (the equivalent of a small village), including 580,000 kWh for all its lights and 705,000 kWh of heating and air conditioning are also required every year, + cooking , 9 lifts & water pumps for 60,000 m3 of drinking water, etc. The monument also uses 20,000 lamps‘to make it sparkle every night’, for 10 minutes on the hour.

Even Jan Gromadzki, an engineer with the New York-based Urban Green Technology (the company was tasked with designing and installing the turbines), admits “It’s just a small drop in the ocean.” “This installation is definitely more symbolic,”

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Do the maths….You would need 1,560 of these units to power the tower….IF the wind was blowing!!

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