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Increasing Home Energy Efficiency Through Duct Sealing

An innovative solution for homeowners looking to save energy and significantly reduce their utility bill is hitting the market for the first time in many areas throughout the United States. Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with funding from the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy among others, the new technology, called Aeroseal, provides an easy and effective way to seal leaky air ducts.

According to recent reports, leaky ducts are the primary source of energy loss in 85 percent or more of existing residential homes. Sealing those leaks is typically the single most effective thing homeowners can do to reduce energy consumption.

Aeroseal works by sealing duct leaks from the inside of the duct system. Applied as an aerosol mist, the non-toxic spray travels throughout the interior of the  ductwork attaching itself to the edge of the leaks, then bonding to other sealant particles until the hole is sealed. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory studies, the process is 95 percent effective at sealing air duct leaks.

“Unlike traditional duct sealing methods such as tape or mastic, aeroseal works from the inside of the ductwork to locate and seal leaks. This makes it possible, for the first time, to seal all the leaks, including those hidden behind walls, under insulation or other hard to find and access locations,” said Neal Walsh, senior vice president at Aeroseal LLC. According to the company, average homeowners can save $250 to $850 each year on their home energy bill by using this innovative approach to duct sealing.

Developed At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Aerosol-Based Duct Sealing Changing The Rules On How To Best Reduce Home Energy Use

In their 2009 report Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy, research firm McKinsey and Company ranked duct sealing as the single most effective thing most homeowners can do to reduce home energy consumption – about 5X more effective than upgrading windows; 30X more than insulating walls.

“It’s estimate that the average home loses 30% of heated and cooled air through duct leaks,” said Walsh. “Since the majority of ductwork in existing homes is inaccessible for manual sealing, there was no viable solution to the problem…until now.”

JMD Corporation recently purchased the exclusive rights to the duct sealing technology and formed Aeroseal LLC, a company focused exclusively on promoting Aeroseal technology. As a result, the duct sealing solution is being made available for the first time to many homeowners across the United States. Since being introduced on the market, Aeroseal technology has won a number of prestigious awards including the DOE Energy 100” award from the U.S. Department of Energy and The Best of What’s New award from Popular Science Magazine.