Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall & Tesla Energy

OK, it’s a simple concept. Leveraging the same battery technology used in their awesome vehicles, Tesla is getting ready to enter the home energy space. But what’s really interesting about this, in my mind, is that it’s positioning Tesla as a different type of company. It’s not just a car company anymore. Not that Tesla ever really thought of itself as a car company.

Elon Musk and his team see the future very clearly. They understand that we have a real problem (let’s call it climate change) and what they’re doing is addressing our problems with real solutions. We will still drive, use energy, etc. We will simply power our modern lives with the help of our sun.

They have also identified electricity as the best carrier of energy going forward because it is so flexible, easy to use and transmit. They’re not getting into other forms of fuels or complicating the way energy will be generated. Why should they. Tesla already understands that our future will be solar powered. In their view (and mine) solar is the best way forward. It’s clean, it’s easy to install, understand and maintain, plus it’s getting cheaper all the time. In fact in many cases it’s already on parity with or cheaper than power from the grid.

To get a glimpse of the Tesla vision just watch the video and see their tweets below. It’s all starting to make sense. Isn’t it.

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2 comments on “Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall & Tesla Energy

Definitely looks cool with the Tesla car in the picture. And we are very happy to see many solutions to climate change, energy independence and self-reliance. Issue for consumers is that the reality is a lot different from the picture. JuiceBox Energy is installing its JuiceBox now and has a 5.5kW output versus the 2kW output of the Powerwall. Our certified installers understand that for either system you need to split out a critical loads panel, install a disconnect switch and install an inverter. Elon has provided a lot of visibility to the space (thanks) but technically there are better products out there and companies willing to tell the full story. Check out The Economist for a story that compares the JuiceBox to the Powerwall or check out http://www.juiceboxsolar.com.

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