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European Energy Policies Bought and Paid For

This is literally an outrage. According to several sources, oil giant company Shell bought the European energy policy to be as low as possible on renewable energy sources.

As a close examiner for the past decade of energy and climate policies for the European Union, I have been wondering why, oh, why did the EU backed up recently from its previously ambitious policies on climate change.

Now, we just know. The Guardian and many other sources have published this week article on how an oil company spent around four million euros (and as much in US Dollars given the current parity) per year to water down renewable energy goals for 2030.

One single company with a few millions euros was favored by our elected representatives over the wellbeing of its citizens and of our economies. We have seen previously that the ambitious 2020 goals have already been partially reached and that as a result, hundreds of thousands of green jobs have been created in the past few years.

Yes, the European Union still has somewhat ambitious goals for 2030. Cutting by 40 percent total greenhouse gases emissions by that date compared to 1990 levels is ambitious, but it could and should be much more.

I just hope that now this has been exposed new targets will be voted. Shell or any other fossil fuel giant conglomerated should have the last world when we determine our future.

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3 comments on “European Energy Policies Bought and Paid For

Daniel Ferra

2014 Globally we emitted 40 – 50 Billion Toxic Tons of Carbon Dioxide, in the United States we emitted 6.8 Billion Toxic Tons.

California emitted 446 million Toxic Tons of Carbon in 2011, since then (2014) California choose to increase its Poisoning Natural Gas generation to make up for San Onofre Nuclear Plant and the lost from Hydro, now we emit over 459 million Toxic Tons a year, over 1,200,000 Toxic Tons a day, everyday , yesterday, tomorrow, next week, next month, Next year ?

Cap and Trade earnings have made over 2 Billion dollars, charging 10 – 12 dollars per Toxic Ton. A portion should be allocated to California State Lic. Drivers for a new Electric Vehicle, a $15,000 Help Stop Global Warming Voucher.

California should have 100% Renewable Energy, 80% by 2020

No Twin Water Tunnels

50% Airport reduction in Carbon emissions

Ban Fracking Legislative action on AB 356 is our best chance at resolving this crisis anytime soon. If left up to DOGGR, most of these illegal injection wells will remain active well into 2016. We may be in our fifth year of extreme drought at that point, and California’s water supply is already far too precious to be treated recklessly. We need to resolve this critical problem now: Tell lawmakers to support AB 356! >>

Groundwater resources play a vital role in maintaining California’s economic and environmental sustainability. California’s 515 alluvial groundwater basins and sub-basins provide close to 40% of the state’s water supply in an average year. And in dry or drought years, groundwater accounts for as much as 60% of the state’s water supply. Many disadvantaged communities rely on groundwater for 100% of their water supply.

We refuse to stand by while the oil and gas operations continue business as usual. The recent revelation that over 2,500 oil and gas wells were permitted by DOGGR to inject wastewater and other fluids into federally protected aquifers shows that legislative action must be taken to protect California’s groundwater.

Thank you for standing with us in the fight for clean water. Jena Price, Legislative Affairs Manager
California League of Conservation Voters

Close all 108, for profit, Water Bottling Plants, in California.

Golf Courses should be on Gray Water or Closed.

Implement a California Residential and Commercial Feed in Tariff.

California Residential Feed in Tariff would allow homeowners to sell their Renewable Energy to the utility, protecting our communities from Poison Water, Grid Failures, Natural Disasters, Toxic Natural Gas and Oil Fracking.

Our California Residential Feed-In Tariff should start out at 16 cents per kilowatt hour, 5 cents per kilowatt hour to the Utility for use of the Grid, 11 cents per kilowatt hour going to the Home Owner.

A California Commercial FiT in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, an Sacramento Ca. are operating NOW, paying the Business Person 17 cents cents per kilowatt hour.

Sign and Share this petition for a California Residential Feed in Tariff.

[…] European Energy Policies Bought and Paid For ( According to several sources, oil giant company Shell bought the European energy policy to be as low as possible on renewable energy sources. […]

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