Tesla Shareholder Meeting Video

At the 2015 annual shareholder meeting, Elon Musk ended the speculations about the Model X launch by confirming it would go into production within 3-4 months. A few shareholders voiced their concerns of a lack of vegan-friendly, leather-free options with the Model S. Nice trivia, Elon announced that Tesla logged their 1 billionth driven mile that same day!

00:00. Intro
03:20. (Vegan) stockholders proposals: Issue about non-eco friendly leather interior
13:20. Model S review
21:28. Model X
22:50. Supercharger network, Powerwall, Factory and Gigafactory
32:15. CFO announces retirement
36:20. Tesla mission
39:20. Gigafactories?
40:45. Powerwall output
46:00. Powerpack
50:07. Plea for New Mexico as next Gigafactory site
51:05. Autopilot reliability, open source
56:07. Autosteer timeline
59:08. Concerns about leather production
1:00:35. Dual motor in Model 3
1:02:05. SpaceX IPO?
1:03:40. Gigafactory output capability
1:04:51. Safety and lower insurance rates
1:08:46. Pack swap unpopularity and superchargers
1:12:45. Autopilot timeframe
1:15:10. Supporting engineering

Date: June 9, 2015
Elon was 43 years old

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