Acciona Wins 168 MW Wind Energy Capacity In Mexico Auction

Spanish company Acciona Energy secured a major win in the landmark renewable energy auction held recently in Mexico.

The company recently reported that it won a contract to supply 5.85.7 GWh electricity from wind energy projects through the first renewable energy auction held in Mexico. This amount equates to around 168 MW wind energy capacity.

Acciona shall develop the El Cortijo wind power project by setting up 56 units of its 3 MW wind energy turbine. Construction of the project is expected to being in 2017 and operations are scheduled to begin in 2018. The project shall supply electricity to the Federal Electricity Commission under a long-term contract with duration of 15 years.

Electricity generated from the wind energy project shall be sufficient enough to meet power demand of around 350,000 homes and also offset more than 563,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

The auction conducted by the Mexican government is part of its policy target to increase the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption to 35% by 2024. This target would require capacity addition of an estimated 12 GW of wind energy and 3 GW of solar power capacity.

Acciona Energy owns and operates 556.5 MW wind energy capacity in Mexico and has commissioned around 300 MW capacity for customers. The latest auction will help the company expand its footprint in Mexico.

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