Italian Companies Announce 1 GW Solar Power Plans For Iran

After Germany and Spain, companies from Italy have also expressed interest in developing renewable energy projects in Iran.

According to media reports, officials of Italian companies Genesis and Dynkun met with government officials in Iran’s province of Qazvin. An agreement was signed between the parties wherein the Italian companies shall set up a large number of utility-scale solar PV power projects in the province.

As per the agreement, the two companies shall set up 100 solar power projects each with installed capacity of 10 MW. The entire capacity of 1 GW shall be installed over a period of 9-10 years. The total investment for the programme is expected to be around $1.5 billion.

Last year, German investors had announced plans to set up large-scale solar power projects across various provinces in Iran. Germany companies announced that 500 MW of solar projects will be built in Tehran province — including 150 MW in Kahrizak, 200 MW in Varamin, and 150 MW in Malard. Additionally, 750 MW of projects will be constructed in the central Isfahan and north-western Tabriz regions. The construction of the first project is expected to commence in early 2016 with expected completion by May 2016.

Earlier this year, the Iranian Energy Minister reported that Denmark has expressed an interest in developing a wind turbine manufacturing facility in the Middle Eastern country. Minister Hamid Chitchian told media agencies that Denmark is looking to build a manufacturing hub in Iran from where it can export the wind energy equipment to other countries in the region.

Image Credit: Alborzagros | CC-BY-SA 3.0

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