Solar Frontier PV Modules Selected For Small-scale Solar Power Projects In Mexico

Mexico-based solar power project developer Enilso has announced plans to expand its portfolio by setting up small-scale solar power projects in the country.

Enliso is planning to set up a number of rooftop solar power projects as well small-scale solar power projects for customers in the agriculture business. The project size will vary from 5-10 kW for residential rooftop projects to 200-500 kW for agricultural projects.

Enliso has opted to use CIS solar modules manufactured by Solar Frontier Americas, a subsidiary of US-based Solar Frontier. The CIS solar modules will be apt for high efficiency operations in Mexico as power loss in such modules is lesser than crystalline silicon modules in hot temperatures.
The projects are expected to be set up in the state of Sonara that borders the US state of Arizona. Rooftop solar power systems will help residents become self-sufficient to some extent by generating a part of their power consumption.

Solar power systems for agricultural customers will enable them to cut utility bills and help the customers use electricity generated from the modules to run irrigation pumps and cold-storage facilities for the produce.

Enliso has already built an impressive portfolio in Sonara. The company has set up a number of small-scale solar power systems at bus stations, parking lots and farms.

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