Home Energy Africa Reports Progress On 100 MW Solar Power Project In Ghana

Ghana-based solar power project developer Home Energy Africa Limited has announced major progress in the development of a 100 MW solar power project.

The United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has awarded US$704,815 grant to Home Energy Africa for the development of 100 MW solar power project in Ghana. Home Energy Africa has selected US-based GreenMax Capital Advisors to carry out technical assessment of the project.

The Ghanian government has taken several measures in the recent past for development of solar power capacity in the country. In April, the largest solar power project in the country, till date, was commissioned. The 20 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) project developed by the Chinese firm Beijing Xiaocheng Company (a subsidiary of Beijing Fuxing Xiao-Cheng Electronic).

Last year, The President of Ghana has announced that the levy on petroleum products will be increased to $0.02 per litre. As per the provisions of the customs and excise duty act in Ghana, liquefied petroleum gas will be exempt from the levy. A part of the revenue raised from this levy will be used to establish the Renewable Energy Fund.

In 2011, Ghana passed the Renewable Energy Act which introduced a feed-in tariff structure for project developers and renewable energy purchase obligation for distribution utilities. The Act gave powers to regulatory bodies to implement appropriate feed-in tariffs and renewable purchase obligation after discussions with stakeholders.

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