Ontario To Allocate 232 MW Small-scale Solar Power Projects

Ontario will soon allocate a number of small-scale solar power projects under its feed-in tariff program.

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in Ontario recently announced that it will allocate 936 renewable energy projects, include 907 small-scale solar power projects under the feed-in tariff program.

A total of 241 MW renewable energy capacity will be signed up for long-term supply agreements which includes 232 MW based on solar power projects. The project developers will be eligible for the feed-in tariffs applicable but they can offer to avail lower tariffs thereby increasing their chances of a project allocation.

The projects shall have an installed capacity of between 10 kW to 500 kW and will be installed atop commercial, industrial, municipal buildings. Apart from the solar power projects, the IESO will also allocate some bioenergy, wind and hydro power projects.

As of June 2016, solar power contributed to around 1% of the installed capacity in Ontario. With 280 MW operational capacity the latest planned allocation will almost double the solar power capacity. Ontario has already added 360 MW capacity this year, all based on wind energy and solar power.

The expansion of renewable energy share in the installed capacity is part of the Long-term Energy Plan which targets substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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