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Indian Companies Plan Polysilicon Production

As India’s ambitious solar power mission sees implementation of solar power projects at an increased rate several Indian companies are looking to set up production facilitates for polysilicon, raw material used for manufacturing solar PV modules.

At least three Indian companies are planning to set up polysilicon manufacturing facilities. Shapoorji Pallonji Group, the Adani Group and Panchavaktra Power are reportedly planning to set up the entire manufacturing chain of solar power equipment, from polysilicon to modules.

India has a target to have 100 GW operational solar power capacity by March 2022, a very large majority of this capacity is expected to be based on solar PV technology. However, India’s solar modules manufacturing capacity remains very low compared to the planned annual capacity addition, which is 12 GW for the current financial year.

According to media reports, Panchavaktra Power plans to invest $1 billion and plans to produce 6,000 tonnes of polysilicon for solar power modules. Shapoorji Pallonji is planning to set up solar manufacturing facility of 2,000 MW. Adani Group is looking to collaborate with international companies to set up the largest solar modules manufacturing unit in the western state of Gujarat.

Adani had earlier planned to collaborate with SunEdison in a $4 billion venture. The company has already started work on the project and recently submitted an application with the Ministry of Environment and Forest for approval to set up 1 million tonne/year copper smelter.

The company plans to set up a manufacturing facility to produce 1000 MWp/year of Silicon Ingots/ wafers, Silicon Solar Cells, Modules along with 3000 MWp support manufacturing facilities that includes EVA, Back-sheet, Glass, Junction box and Solar cell and string interconnect ribbon in three phases.

A large majority of solar PV modules used in India are imported from countries like the US and China. The Indian government is looking to promote domestic solar equipment manufacturing so that Indian companies also benefit from the huge capacity addition target.