India To Auction Another 150 MW At Gujarat’s Charanka Solar Park

Solar Energy Corporation of India continues to take steps to further increase the capacity of one of India’s largest solar power park.

Another tender of 150 MW has been floated by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) for the Charanka solar power park. The tender will offer the capacity in project size of 50 MW each.

The prospective project developers will be free to source the solar equipment and modules from Indian or foreign manufacturers. The solar power park already has an installed base of 345 MW while SECI has auctioned an additional 265 MW capacity recently.

In June this year, two projects of 40 MW capacity each were secured by government-owned Gujarat Industries Power Limited. The company sought capital cost support of Rs 67.99 lakhs/MW (US$101,810/MW) and Rs 69.75/lakhs per MW (US$104,446). The total capacity cost for the project is expected to be around Rs 5.30 crore/MW (US$793,640/MW).

Another 40 MW project was secured by renewable energy IPP Orange Renewables which quoted a bid of Rs 70.25 lakhs/MW (US$105,344/MW).

Two 40 MW projects have reportedly been allocated to Mahindra Renewables, part of the Mahindra & Mahindra industrial conglomerate. One of the projects is to be developed using Indian-made solar PV modules only. Interestingly, the company placed the same bids for both the projects – Rs 77.77 lakhs/MW (US$116,455/MW).

Last month, SECI auctioned 65 MW solar PV power capacity in the Charanka solar power park, Gujarat. Indian project developers ReNew Power Ventures and Mahindra Renewables secured 40 MW and 25 MW capacity, respectively. ReNew Power Ventures quoted a bid of Rs 7.01 million (US$104,700) per MW while Mahindra Renewables placed a bid of Rs 7.77 million (US$115,892) per MW. The developers shall be free to choose imported or Indian-made modules.

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