Natcore Technology To Advise On 1 GW Solar Power Project In The Middle East

A major solar power initiative seems to be in the works in the Middle East.

US-based Natcore Technology has announced that it has been appointed technology advisor by an Malta-based company for the development of 1 GW solar power projects across the Middle East. In addition of the power generation projects, Natcore shall also advise on the installation of solar modules and solar cells manufacturing facilities.

According to a press release issued by Natcore, the developer, DK Ener Group, shall set up 100 solar power projects of 10 MW capacity each across the region. The press release does not name the countries where these projects shall come up.

This project arose from Natcore’s “Best of Breed” consulting service through which it provides unbiased business, science and technical advice to potential new solar cell and solar panel manufacturers and to established solar manufacturers wishing to upgrade their facilities.

“This is the fourth project to come from our Best of Breed program,” Natcore President and CEO Chuck Provini said. “And it’s by far our largest.” The others are in Belize (10 MW), Vietnam (200 MW) and Australia (30 MW).

The Middle East has gained significant limelight in the global renewable energy sector over a very short period of time with regional and global project developers flocking to the attractive opportunities available. Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Iran have made major strides in the development of renewable energy projects over the last few months.

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