ACWA Power Consortium Wins 170 MW Solar Power Contract In Morocco At US¢4.6/kWh

A consortium led by Saudi Arabia’s AWCA Power has secured rights to develop three large-scale solar photovoltaic power projects in Morocco.

ACWA Power-led consortium, which includes China’s Chint and India’s Sterling and Wilson, has won rights to develop 170 MW solar PV capacity in Morocco. This capacity includes 70 MW project in the Ouarzazte solar power park, 80 MW project in Western Sahara’s Laayoune and 20 MW at Boujdour. These projects will form part of Noor PV 1.

ACWA Power consortium was among three which placed bids for developing the projects; the other two companies are also located in the Middle East – Fotowatio, and Alfanar. Initial reports had suggested bids at around US¢6.00/kWh, comparable to AWCA Power’s bid for phase II of the Dubai Solar Power Park.

However, latest reports suggest that ACWA Power won the bid at US¢4.6/kWh.

Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen) recently enhanced its target to set up 4 GW renewable energy capacity by 2020 to 10 GW by 2030. The Noor-Ouarzazate solar power complex will likely be the backbone of such large-scale expansion.

ACWA Power has already commissioned a 160 MW parabolic trough based concentrated solar power project – the Noor I – and is working on the development of Noor II (also based on parabolic trough reflectors) and Noor III (based on power tower technology).

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