World’s Tallest Solar Tower To Come Up In Israel

Israel will soon have the world’s tallest solar power tower giving a massive boost to the country’s renewable energy efforts.

The solar power tower project will be part of the Ashalim solar power complex which will host a total of four projects, all based on different power generation technologies. Three of the projects at the solar power complex have already been allocated. These include 110 megawatts concentrated solar power project based on parabolic trough reflectors, a solar PV power project and the 121 megawatts concentrated solar power project based on power tower technology. A fourth solar power project is scheduled to come up later.

The three allocated projects will have a combined generation capacity of 250 megawatts while the fourth project will take the cumulative capacity to 310 megawatts.

To set up the solar power tower project BrightSource Energy has partnered with General Electric and NOY Infrastructure & Energy Investment Fund. General Electric will be responsible for engineering, procurement and construction of the project while BrightSource Energy shall provide the solar field technology.

More than 50,000 reflectors equipped with dual-axis tracking technology will be installed in solar field. These mirrors (or heliostats) will reflect the sunlight to the central solar power tower with a height of 250 meters, the highest in the world.

The 121 megawatts project is expected to be commissioned later this year. The project will generate enough electricity to meet the power demand of 120,000 homes. The project will also help offset 110,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

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