Soltec Starts Installing Trackers At South America’s Largest Solar Power Project

Installation of solar trackers on of what will soon become the largest operational solar power project in South America has begun.

Soltec, a Spanish manufacturer of single-axis trackers, has started installing trackers at the Piaui power plant owned by Enel Green Power Brasil Participações. The 292 megawatts solar power project was secured by the subsidiary of Enel through competitive auction.

This is the second large-scale solar power tracker installation taken by Soltec in Brazil. After completion of this project Soltec would have installed trackers at 450 megawatts of projects in the South American country.

Enel started construction of the Piaui solar power project last year. The project is expected to require a total investment of $300 million and generate more than 600 gigawatt-hours electricity annually. The project is expected to be operational by the second half of this year.

Enel already operates an 11 megawatts solar power project in Brazil and is also working on a 254 megawatts project. Together, these three projects will have a combined installed capacity of more than 550 megawatts. Enel has entered long-term agreements for sale of electricity from all these projects.

At present, the largest solar power project operational in South America belongs of Acciona Energia in Chile with installed capacity of 246 megawatts.

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