NEXTracker To Supply Trackers To The Largest Solar Power Project In The Western Hemisphere

California-based NEXTracker has landed the contract to supply solar trackers to the largest solar power project in the Americas and the western hemisphere.

NEXTracker recently announced that it has already shipped trackers for more than 200 megawatts capacity to a project in Northern Mexico. While the company did not name the project, it is easy to identify the project of this size. A subsidiary of Enel Green Power recently initiated construction of 752 megawatts solar power park.

The Villanueva solar power park will comprise of two projects that Enel secured through competitive auctions – 427 MW1 Villanueva 1 and 327 MW1 Villanueva 3. The solar power park is expected to begin generation in H2 2018. An estimated 1,700 GWh electricity would be generated from the park every year enough to meet power consumption of over 1.3 million households. The projects shall also offset more than 780,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Enel Green Power will invest $650 million on these projects.

NEXTracker will support the project by supplying single-axis tracker technology. Over the few months NEXTracker has landed some very large contracts across the world which have enabled the company to expand its portfolio to 8 gigawatts globally.

Adani Green Energy commissioned a 105 megawatts project, one of the largest in north India last year and used NEXTracker equipment. Being one of the fastest growing solar power markets in the world, India will soon host a manufacturing facility of NEXTracker.

The company has already signed agreements with various project developers in India to supply 1 gigawatts of trackers. NEXTracker looks set up expand its presence in India where solar tracker market is expected to increase from 7% in 2016 to 31% in 2021.

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