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Matt MoroneyExecutive summary:

  • COO of Raise Green
  • Cofounded Raise Green
  • Launching the Raise Green Originator Accelerator

Describe your journey to where you are today.

I got into the world of clean technology and green financing started when I was an undergraduate studying environmental geochemistry. After a trip to Siberia, I realized that I wanted to focus less on the academic side of climate change and more on deploying solutions to these challenges and decided to transition into clean energy.

After realizing I wanted to be the person driving solution deployment, I decided to work in the private sector on environmental remediation. I realized during his time working on environmental remediation that communities near these remediation sites almost never received the benefit from whatever company was causing the pollution, but experienced the negative effects of that pollution during the time of the company’s operations. It was because of this experience that I became fascinated about the idea of using brownfields or sites no one wanted to generate and reduce the cost of power where it could also provide social benefit and impact.

What does your company do, for who, and how does it fit into the bigger picture of solving global issues with clean tech?

Raise Green’s investor marketplace is a platform for local impact investing.

We offer access to accredited and non-accredited, corporate or individual investors who want fractional ownership in clean energy and climate solution projects, and are looking to invest for local impact.

Our investor marketplace is licensed with the SEC and FINRA to sell private securities.

What do you think is the most important thing we can be doing in terms of clean tech solutions?

Take action in their own lives and communities to get more clean energy built.


Matt Moroney

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