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Tag: electronic devices

As a writer, I depend on my 14 inch laptop and take it with me everywhere I go. However, lately I’ve become interested in greener alternatives when it comes to my electronics usage. That’s why I decided to invest in Read more…

Not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s summer here in Vancouver. By “summer”, I mean ‘it’s-been-mostly-terrible-weather-but-after-two-months-of-rain-and-cloud-we’re-finally-seeing-the-sun’. We’re not bitter…I swear. Ok, that’s a lie. We’re totally bitter about it. But, it’s out of our control, West-Coasters,

Researchers in Japan have developed microchip technology that eliminates energy consumption in electronic devices while in so-called “standby” mode. While most electronic devices, including televisions and personal computers, now require circuits to be powered continuously to assure instant startup, the