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The volume of electronic waste generated worldwide is expected to climb by 33 percent by 2017 to 65 million tons, according to a study conducted by a partnership of United Nations organizations, industry, governments, and scientists. So many computers,…

Incidents of greenwashing continue apace, increasingly in the realm of what I call Greenwashing 2.0, i.e., misrepresentations in business dealings relating to commercial cleantech equipment and services as opposed to marketing consumer products.

The new targets for collecting electronic waste backed by the European Parliament are set to cause some trouble with reluctant EU member states. Electronic waste is a number of different types of waste streams. It can include old computers, TV’s Read more…

There has been considerable buzz about electric vehicles this week. So let’s have a look at the latest EV-related news. BMW The German auto manufacturer announced an investment of 400 million

Electronics recycling is the need of the hour with the exponential increase in sales of new electronics and the problem of disposing them safely. It not only makes good environmental sense but also economic sense, as statistics show.

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