Author: Helge Biernath

San Francisco’s new energy performance benchmarking ordinance offers building owners, investors and property managers to either lead the caravan or to be left behind. The cost saving opportunity is tremendous, but even more important for income property is the competitiveness factor. When buyers and tenants can easily identify the rotten eggs with the AEBS or AB1103 report, building owners will suffer a decrease of their property value and/or lower leases.

The most noteworthy achievement of Schwarzenegger’s governorship is AB32, the state’s landmark global warming law. This groundbreaking effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has created a momentum for investments in the state. Here is one of the success stories:

Commercial building owners, facility managers and real estate brokers throughout California will be challenged starting January 2011 when Assembly Bill 1103 goes into effect. The new energy performance rating system will provide energy consumption information on nonresidential buildings.

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