Author: Mark Schrieber

Director Michael Nash has traveled the world collecting evidence demonstrating the human face of climate change from Tuvalu to the Pentagon, addressing the grim reality of the challenges we face. Whether man made or natural climatic shifts are causing the most recent temperature shifts, extreme climatic events and sea level rise the outcomes are visibly effecting people across the world, today.

New labels for light bulb packaging will arrive in 2011 with the emphasis on Lumens instead of Watts as the measure of brightness and primary benchmark. This is a much anticipated overhaul by the Federal Trade Commission which will help in the marketing and comparison of CFLs and LEDs to the old incandescent bulbs being phased out.

At the onset of the 5th anniversary to Hurricane Katrina students and emerging professionals are putting their time towards helping in the rebuilding of New Orleans sustainably. The 2010 US Green Building Council Natural Talent Design Competition, in partnership with the Salvation Army’s EnviRenew program, is preparing to have the final student and emerging professional designs for a small, green and affordable home judged by an internationally recognized panel in conjunction with the citizens of New Orleans’ Broadmoor neighborhood; where the homes will be built.

The Department of Energy has just completed the nation’s largest Net-Zero Energy Building.  The 220,000 SF Research Support Facility (RSF) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado will hold 800 employees when it officially opens in August along Read more…

Virginia Tech’s Lumenhaus was just awarded the grand prize at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 in Madrid, beating out the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim by less than one point in the event’s inaugural year. University of Florida’s RE:Focus also shined, bringing home the public choice award via public online voting. In its first year to be hosted internationally in Spain this was a great showing by American Universities and a promising sign for the future of the US design and engineering industry.

Currently winding its way through the legislative hoops of Capitol Hill is HOME STAR, a highly touted piece of legislation by President Obama. The program is perhaps the most important piece of legislation, outside of the Recovery Act and will Read more…

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